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What can I expect from a massage?

You can expect to have your massage in a safe, nurturing environment. You can expect to feel peaceful, relaxed and calm afterwards. You can expect to be listened to – you are the one who knows your body. I cannot “fix” you, since you are not broken. I can assist your body in finding its way to optimal health through stress-relief and relaxation. I view my clients as whole, and hold that vision for them.

What happens during a session?

We will start by discussing your goals, even if it is just to relax and de-stress. You will then be left alone in the massage room to undress to your level of comfort. You’ll get on the massage table, where you will cover yourself up with the sheet and blankets. I don’t enter the room until you tell me that you are ready. The massage begins with me taking a few minutes to feel your muscles thru the sheet and send healing energy to you, then start the actual massage. There is music playing in the background, unless you prefer silence. When the massage is done, I leave the room for you to re-dress in private.

I’ve never had a massage before – how long of a session should I book?

I find that most people start with an hour massage. That’s enough time to cover the entire body. A half hour is only enough time for a specific area or two – such as back and neck. A lot of people prefer to come in for an hour and 1/2, as that way they can get the full body massage, with extra time on any problem areas.

Do I get a full 60 minutes if I book an hour massage?

Yes. If you book a massage for an hour, you get a full 60 minutes of “table time”. Same for 1/2 hour, or hour and 1/2 sessions. I schedule plenty of time for finding out what your needs are for that day, to ensure that you get your full amount of actual massage time. The only exception to that is if you are late to your appointment.

What should I wear to a session?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Some people that come straight from work like to bring a change of clothes for after the massage. If you prefer to receive massage through your clothing, then you might want to wear something that isn’t too tight, for example sweat pants/t-shirts.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my session?

It helps to be well hydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids the day before and day of your massage. If you are coming in for a facial massage, please have any make-up removed prior.

How much water should I drink?

The best way to tell if you are drinking enough is to check your urine. If it is clear and odor free, you are drinking enough. If it has a strong odor and color, then you probably will want to increase the amount you drink, unless you are on water restriction for medical reasons.

How often should I get a massage?

That really depends on what your goals are, and your budget. I recommend getting a massage at least once a month, as the effects are cumulative. A few of my clients come in once a week, most of them come in every other week, some every 3 weeks, and some once a month. All of them recognize the importance of self-care, and the health benefits that they enjoy from receiving massage on a regular basis.

Will I be sore after my massage?

Possibly, but not necessarily. It is very important for you to let me know if I am using too much pressure at any time. I don’t operate under the “no pain – no gain” theory, so please don’t “take” the pressure or pain thinking that it is supposed to be that way. Sometimes working with an injured area might be painful, but even that should be within a good tolerance level… think “good hurt” vs. “bad hurt”. If you are not used to receiving massage, it is similar to not being used to working out. Just as you can feel sore after a good workout, you might feel a little sore after a massage, but that feeling should not last more than a day or two. Again, communication is key to getting your best massage.

Do I need to disrobe?

You only have to undress to your level of comfort. You will be on the massage table, with sheets and blankets covering you at all times. Only the part of your body being worked on will be exposed, for example arm, leg, back. If you are not comfortable getting undressed at all, I have techniques that I can use through your clothing. It is always your choice on how much clothing to take off or leave on. You will always be properly draped for your privacy and comfort level.

What kinds of oils/lotions are used? Will I leave feeling greasy or need to shower right after?

Organic coconut oil is used for all massages unless a client asks ahead of time for a different oil. It's ok to allow the oil to moisturize the skin after a massage and is not necessary to take a shower after your treatment. However, you may feel a bit oily afterwards and a shower may be just the way to remove any excess oil on your body.

Can I bring my own oil or lotion?

It is absolutely ok for you to bring your own oil or lotion as long as it is not harmful to the massage therapist. This is especially important for clients who have sensitive skin and are in need of special skin products.

What parts of my body will be massaged? Can I ask for more time to be spent on certain areas?

During most massages the head, back, glutes, legs, face, and feet are massaged. However, if you need more time on a certain area of your body, please do not hesitate to ask. Remember, this is your money and your massage time. Make it a great massage for you!

Are there any reasons massage might not be recommended?

If you are sick with cold or flu symptoms, a massage may not be the best treatment for you until after you are well again. Pregnant women should wait until their second trimester for a massage treatment. Any client with uncontrolled high blood pressure should not receive deep work. The list can go on and on, but a brief discussion will take place with each client prior to their massage session to make sure that treatment is ok for the day of their visit. You may also want to consult your physician if you have any questions about receiving massage.

Is it OK to talk during my session?

That is totally up to you. I will occasionally ask a few questions, pertaining to your comfort level, and how you are feeling. I have learned that some people relax by talking, others prefer to have their massage in silence. It’s your massage – you get to decide if you want to talk to not. Often times people will start out talking, then “drift away” as the massage goes on. Whatever helps you to relax the most is best.

What if I’m ticklish?

I’ve worked with many people who were ticklish. I can vary the pressure, depth, and pace of the massage strokes so that you won’t feel tickled.

Am I supposed to tip?

Tipping is a matter of personal discretion. Some of my clients do tip, some do not. You will get the same level of excellent service whether you tip or not. Tips are never required, but always appreciated. One of the best ways to “tip” me is to refer your friends and family to me for massage or energy work!

What type of massage do you do?

My main focus now is on wellness and relaxation massage. Stress has a bad effect on our bodies, and massage is a great way to help reduce those stress levels and help the body heal itself. For specific techniques that I’ve studied, please visit my Services page.

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